2022: Hockeys 5K League

(Formerly Kevin Henry 5K Series)

These are fun and friendly 5K events that take place throughout the summer, with each club hosting one event. Every runner for the club scores a point, and the top five men and top five ladies for each club score additional points (see the scoring explanation below!). There is always a great atmosphere and plenty of support for nervous first timers!

The competing clubs are Cambridge & Coleridge AC (C&C), Cambridge Triathlon Club (CTC), Haverhill Running Club (HRC), Newmarket Joggers (NJ), Ely Running Club (ERC) and Saffron Striders (SS), Histon & Impington & Royston Running Club.

The event dates are:

  • Cambridge Tri and Histon and Impington – 28th April
  • Haverhill – 19th May (watch out for news about a new venue)
  • Newmarket – 9th June
  • Saffron Striders – 14th July

Check out the Beginners Guide

1) Every runner earns a point

No matter how fast or slow you run, you WILL score a point for the club if you complete the race. It’s simple – the more runners we have, the more points we get. This is the one competition in which every single one of us can contribute to the team score. That’s why we love it!

2) The fastest 5 ladies and 5 men from each club earn additional points

This is where we get the calculators out…our fastest runners get additional points based on their finishing positions.

The winning team gets 6 points, second 5 points and so on, its these points you see in the league table.

So that is basically how it works, but do not assume that your position doesn’t matter if you are not one of our fastest runners, because…

3) Even if you are not one of our fastest 5, you can still reduce other clubs’ scores!

Every time you pass a competitor, you are pushing them back by one place. Even if you are not in our top 5, you may be ahead of other clubs’ fastest runners!

4) Ladies can reduce men’s scores! (But not vice versa)

The men’s competition is calculated using their OVERALL placing, whereas the female competition is based on GENDER position. This means that if our fastest ladies are able to get ahead of other clubs’ fastest 6 men (which we did at Newmarket and Kedington!), we can help the men by depriving the other clubs of points.

That’s it, easy! But if ever in doubt, just run as fast as you can!

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for the series!!


28th AprilHockeys 5K – Cambridge Tri and Histon and ImpingtonAndrew Mymott00:16:1211
Steve Mason00:17:1532
Tony Bacon00:18:2961
Dave Percy00:18:4866
Stephen Husband00:19:0272
Mark Novels00:19:2183
Ian Eldon00:20:12110
Fiona Tideswell00:20:16113
Barry Osbourne00:20:50132
Craig Harley00:21:29145
Kevin Millard00:22:19172
Yusuf Firat00:22:31179
Daniel Everitt00:23:30215
Oliver Hughes00:23:36220
Alison Goodwin00:23:39222
Marc Benson00:24:39248
Rachel Darvill00:24:40249
Simon Wallis00:24:44250
Erin Sari00:24:45251
Tujan Sari00:24:46252
Steve Oglesby00:24:48253
Hanneli Stevenson00:24:48254
Carl Oldford00:24:49255
John Nevin00:24:57258
Graham Dixon00:25:11263
Nicole Sisson00:25:12264
Mary Ann Tuli00:25:13265
Sil Clay00:25:18268
Kevin Jamieson00:25:40273
Cheryl Trundle00:25:43275
Neil Darracott00:25:49276
Melanie Catten00:26:04278
Graeme Johnston00:26:08279
Sirkka Love00:26:20280
Josh Iron00:26:26285
Jordan Barfield00:26:27286
Zach Pollard00:26:30288
Wayne Maud00:26:41296
Keeley White00:26:42297
Clare Everitt00:26:52305
Terry Pike00:26:53306
Hayley Wilson00:27:37317
Grace Judge00:28:24326
Clair Nagorski00:28:39332
Katherine Armour00:29:04337
Sarah Murkin00:29:18340
Clare Clark00:30:31353
Cheryl Eden00:31:03357
Sam Pollard00:31:36360
Louise Harris00:34:27373
Rachel Dickson00:34:51374
Joan Nevin00:34:52375
Dawn Dixon00:35:03378
Bill Banner00:35:04379
Jan Walker00:35:09380
Vicki Bennett00:35:30381
Dave Greenham00:35:51382
Sarah Harris00:36:01383
Sharon Borowy00:36:06384
19th May 2022Hockeys 5K – HaverhillAndrew Mynott00:16:356
Charlie Minette00:18:3843
Anna O’Hare00:19:2055
Andrew Bell00:19:3961
Paul Game00:19:4163
Mathew Cowell00:20:0774
Stephen Husband00:20:5698
Fiona Tideswell00:21:05103
Martin Lawrence00:21:21109
Thomas Allen00:21:38115
Ian Elden00:21:47118
Ray Mooney00:22:59148
Mark Phillips00:23:04150
Oliver Hughes00:23:04151
Yusuf Firat00:23:13154
Emily Chapman00:23:29167
Simon Wallis00:23:30169
Alison Goodwin00:23:35170
Carl Oldford00:24:00179
Zachary Pollard00:24:15186
Daniel Everitt00:24:30191
Wayne Maund00:24:45196
Nicole Sisson00:24:47198
Rachel Darvill00:25:28212
Neil Darracott00:25:38214
Mary Ann Tuli00:25:43215
Tony Gooding00:25:51217
John Nevin00:26:19226
Sil Clay00:26:56239
Erin Sari00:27:20246
Tujan Sari00:27:20247
Kym Cromarty Reader00:27:30249
Jordan Barfield00:27:31251
Graham Dixon00:27:32252
Melanie Catten00:27:57260
Helen Spooner00:28:56275
Hayley Wilson00:29:03276
Emma Haylock00:29:37282
Sally Shanks00:29:38283
Andrew Gage00:29:45285
Keeley White00:29:45286
Vicky Gage00:29:46287
Josh Iron00:29:46288
Ross Arnold00:29:47290
James Hymas00:29:49291
Claire Anderson00:30:45297
Sarah Murkin00:30:56298
Natasha Smith00:30:57299
Tracy Betts00:31:16305
Clare Clark00:32:36313
Richard Burford00:32:39314
Sharon Borowy00:32:42315
Sam Pollard00:32:43317
Cheryl Eden00:33:02321
Vron Lewis00:33:33324
Jayne Sari00:33:33325
Wendy Giddins00:34:09329
Dionne Walford00:34:09330
Caitlin Haywood00:34:30332
Rebecca Sims00:35:31337
Dawn Dixon00:35:32338
Jan Walker00:36:13342
Wendy Aldhouse00:36:22343
Denver Lloyd00:36:57345
Sarah Harris00:36:58346
Vanessa Hardy00:36:59347
Kathy Price00:36:59348
Vicki Bennett00:37:50349
Suz Carter White00:37:50350
Jenny Matthews-Jones00:42:49353
Louise Harris00:48:14355
9th JuneHockeys 5K – Newmarket JoggersAndrew Mynott00:16:296
Peter Cooke00:16:5010
Steve Mason00:17:4122
Mark Novels00:20:0677
Matt Cowell00:20:1380
Angus Duckworth-Smith00:20:2391
Ian Elden00:20:3096
David Percy00:20:3498
Fiona Tideswell00:20:43106
Yusuf Firat00:23:15166
Ray Mooney00:23:18167
Mark Phillips00:23:20169
Alison Goodwin00:23:29173
Carl Oldford00:23:39180
Mary Ann Tuli00:23:58186
Rachel Darvill00:24:06191
Zachary Pollard00:24:13196
Daniel Eveeritt00:24:29199
Nicole Sisson00:24:48204
Mark White00:24:51205
Graham Dixon00:25:32219
Wayne Maund00:25:50225
Stewart Nunn00:26:06232
Cheryl Trundle00:26:08235
Neil Darracott00:26:12237
Sil Cay00:26:18239
Erin Sari00:26:29243
Tujan Sari00:26:29244
Barry Osborne00:26:32246
Tracey Quarell00:26:35247
Kevin Jamieson00:26:38248
Hayley Wilson00:27:42267
Keeley White00:27:45268
Clair Nagorski00:27:53271
Clare Everitt00:27:54272
Emm Haylock00:27:54273
Oliver Hughes00:27:55274
Helen Spooner00:27:56276
Grace Judge00:28:20281
Ross Arnold00:28:49289
Josh Iron00:28:51290
David Mansfield00:29:09293
Claire Anderson00:29:32301
Susanne Pattison00:29:38302
Charlotte Denley00:29:39303
Sarah Murkin05:00:10309
Sam Pollard00:31:11325
Claire Clarke00:31:50332
Cheryl Eden00:32:22335
Vron Lewis00:33:32342
Jayne Sari00:33:43343
Richard Burford00:33:44344
Jan Walker00:35:50347
Sharon Borowy00:35:55348
Sarah Harris00:35:56349
Melanie Mansfield00:36:14350
Victoria Bennett00:36:14351
Louise Harris00:37:21352
Jenny Matthews-Jones00:38:41354
14th JulyHockeys 5K – Saffron WaldenChay Hopkins00:15:284
Peter Cooke00:16:2320
Joshua Wigmore00:17:1037
James Minnette00:18:0651
Rupert Tideswell00:18:0953
Mark Novels00:19:0684
Ian Elden00:19:0785
Angus Duckworth-Smith00:19:3298
Fiona Tideswell00:20:31117
Barry Osborne00:21:28120
Ray Mooney00:21:06133
Kate Russell00:21:58150
Rachel Darvill00:22:02158
Oliver Hughes00:22:08161
Mark Phillips00:22:12163
Alison Goodwin00:22:29166
Mary Ann Tuli00:22:30168
Emily Chapman00:22:39172
Nicole Sisson00:23:05180
Toby Wilson Waterworth00:23:15182
Wayne Maund00:23:22183
Daniel Everitt00:23:35186
Zachary Pollard00:23:37187
Cheryl Trundle00:24:56203
Kevin Jamieson00:25:18212
Stuart Nunn00:25:20214
Andrew Gage00:25:41221
Hayley Wilson00:25:50222
David Mansfield00:26:03224
Silke Sheppard00:26:29231
Kellie Garrod00:26:29232
Graeme Johnston00:26:42234
Suzanne Pattinson00:27:17240
Clare Everitt00:27:20242
Grace Judge00:27:24243
Ronan Cassedy00:27:40246
Sil Clay00:27:40247
Kym Cromarty Reader00:27:47250
Melanie Mansfield00:28:23257
Charlotte Denley00:28:28258
Tony Bacon00:28:29260
Karen North00:29:38269
Veronica Lewis00:29:48270
Richard Burford00:30:19278
Sam Pollard00:31:03280
Robert Wise00:31:40290
Joan Nevin00:31:54292
Rachel Dickson00:31:56294
Ross Arnold00:33:54302
David Greenham00:34:25306
Clair Nagorski00:34:38307
James Hymas00:34:39309
Louise Harris00:34:49310
Cheryl Claydon00:35:16311
Jannette Walker00:35:17312