Club Standards (Virtual 2021)

A huge well done to everyone who has submitted virtual race times over the last 12months. Regardless of the standard you achieved we hope that it gave you some added incentive while there were no actual races to take part in. The period for submitting standards has now ended and you can see the final results below.

The purpose of the HRC Club Standards is to provide a simple way of measuring individual performances and comparing like for like across all ages and genders. They are based on the WAVA Age Grading system to ensure that the target times for each age/gender category are equivalent in terms of performance level. There are 10 standards in total, starting from 35% WAVA and going up in levels of 5% to the top level of 80%.

The club will record all of your achievements across the different race distances, but this isn’t a competition and there aren’t any prizes. What you will get though, is a sense of personal achievement when you move up from one standard to the next. Everyone has the potential to improve, we just need to put in the right amount of hard work. We hope that these new standards will give you some extra incentive to go out and train hard.

As there aren’t any races at the moment, and nobody knows when they will resume, the committee have decided that for this inaugural year we will accept runs that you’ve done on your own. It doesn’t have to be part of an official virtual race, you can just go out and run any of the distances whenever you want. The distance doesn’t have to be exact, but it must be at least the stated distance e.g., if you achieve the 5K standard on a 5.5K run, that will still count. Your run doesn’t have to start and finish in exactly the same place, but it should be in the vicinity (to even out the elevation).

The first time you run one of the included distances, let us know your time and what standard you achieved – this will be your baseline. We will accept any runs done in the current club year (since 1st Dec 2020). After that you just need to tell us if you achieve a higher standard at that distance. We’ll keep track of the highest level you’ve achieved at each distance and put these on the website.

Click HERE for the Male Standards

Click HERE for the Female Standards

Standards Achieved 2021 (last updated 10/12/21)

Run distanceYour nameStandard achieved
3KCharlie MinnetteSapphire
3KHarry MinnetteSilver
3KKate RussellGold
5KAndy BrownCopper
5KBeverley ReynoldsSilver
5KCharlie MinnetteSapphire
5KCharlotte WestropeSilver
5KCheryl TrundleSapphire
5KClare ClarkBronze
5KClare EverittSilver
5KDavid PercyPlatinum
5KDenver LloydAluminium
5KFiona tideswellSapphire
5KGrace JudgeGold
5KGraeme JohnstonTungsten
5KHayley WilsonBronze
5KHelen SpoonerTungsten
5KIan EldenSapphire
5KJames MinnetteSapphire
5KJim MearsTungsten
5KJoan NevinSilver
5KJohn NevinPlatinum
5KJosh IronAluminium
5KJosh WigmorePlatinum
5KKate RussellPlatinum
5KKathryn ArmourSilver
5KKeeley WhiteCopper
5KKim WendelkenCopper
5KKristina BrightBronze
5KMarc BensonBronze
5KMaria ReedSilver
5KMark PhillipsBronze
5KMartin LawrencePlatinum
5KMary Ann TuliGold
5KMat CowellPlatinum
5KPat CaseyBronze
5KPhil TempestBronze
5KSam BorehamDiamond
5KSandra HiscoxSilver
5KShirley FowlerSapphire
5KSil ClayGold
5KSirkka LovePlatinum
5KStephen HusbandSilver
5KSteve OglesbyBronze
5KTeresa FranklinPlatinum
5KTracy QuarrellGold
5MAndy BrownIron
5MBeverley ReynoldsGold
5MCheryl ClaydonIron
5MCheryl TrundleSapphire
5MDaniel PellingSilver
5MDenver LloydAluminium
5MGrace JudgeGold
5MGraeme JohnstonTungsten
5MHelen spoonerTungsten
5MIan EldenPlatinum
5MJames MinnettePlatinum
5MJoan NevinSilver
5MJohn NevinPlatinum
5MKathryn ArmourSilver
5MKristina BrightTungsten
5MMaria ReedTungsten
5MMary Ann TuliGold
5MMat CowellPlatinum
5MPat CaseyTungsten
5MPhil TempestBronze
5MSandra HiscoxSilver
5MShirley FowlerGold
5MSil ClayGold
5MSirkka LovePlatinum
5MTeresa FranklinPlatinum
5MTracy QuarrellGold
10KBeverley ReynoldsGold
10KCarl OldfordTungsten
10KCheryl ClaydonIron
10KCheryl TrundleSapphire
10KClare ClarkTungsten
10KClare EverittTungsten
10KDaniel PellingGold
10KDenver LloydAluminium
10KGrace JudgeGold
10KGraeme JohnstonTungsten
10KIan EldenPlatinum
10KJames MinnettePlatinum
10KJim MearsTungsten
10KJoan NevinSilver
10KJohn NevinPlatinum
10KJosef JacobsTungsten
10KKathryn ArmourSilver
10KKristina BrightTungsten
10KMaria ReedBronze
10KMary Ann TuliGold
10KMat CowellGold
10KPat CaseyTungsten
10KPhil TempestBronze
10KSam BorehamSapphire
10KSandra HiscoxSilver
10KShirley FowlerPlatinum
10KSil ClayGold
10KSirkka LovePlatinum
10KStephen HusbandSilver
10KSteve OglesbyBronze
10KTeresa FranklinPlatinum
10KTracy BettsTungsten
10KTracy QuarrellGold
10MAndy BrownIron
10MCarl OldfordTungsten
10MGrace JudgeSilver
10MHayley WilsonTungsten
10MHelen SpoonerTungsten
10MIan EldenGold
10MJames MinnettePlatinum
10MJoan NevinBronze
10MJohn NevinGold
10MKathryn ArmourBronze
10MKristina BrightCopper
10MMat CowellPlatinum
10MPhil TempestTungsten
10MRachel DarvillBronze
10MShirley FowlerGold
10MSirkka LovePlatinum
10MSteve OglesbyTungsten
10MTeresa FranklinGold
10MTracy QuarrellGold
HMAndy BrownIron
HMDenver LloydAluminium
HMFiona TideswellSapphire
HMGrace JudgeSilver
HMIan EldenSilver
HMJames MinnettePlatinum
HMJim MearsIron
HMJoan NevinSilver
HMJohn NevinPlatinum
HMKathryn ArmourBronze
HMMat CowellGold
HMSil ClaySilver
HMShirley FowlerPlatinum
HMStephen husbandSilver
HMSteve OglesbyTungsten
HMTeresa FranklinGold
20MCarl OldfordTungsten
20MMat CowellBronze
20MShirley FowlerBronze
20MSil ClayCopper
20MSteve OglesbyTungsten
MarathonDaniel PellingSilver
MarathonJames MinnetteSilver
MarathonJoan NevinBronze
MarathonMaria ReedTungsten
MarathonMat CowellBronze
MarathonMarion goddardAluminium
MarathonShirley FowlerGold
MarathonSil ClayBronze
MarathonSteve OglesbyTungsten
MarathonTracy QuarrellBronze

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