Summer Route 5

Full (3.5 miles)

  1. From Leisure Centre head along road to Sturmer arches
  2. go right up Bumpstead road turn left onto the track and follow it bearing right at junction
  3. going up past Culina. Go up steps and carefully cross bypass, up steps on other side of road going up and over field
  4. Cross bridge and go left (towards the big mounds of mud go between) staying left on the field past the pond and horses on left then between trees
  5. stay left then go through second lot of trees this will bring you to Sturmer Red Lion.
  6. Cross road and go through right hand side of car park you will be on the track going left will bring you home. 
    1. For longer route when you cross road go right on footpath to the end then go left this brings you to end of track and you can head back home from there.