Leisure Centre 5K (Time Trial route)

The route starts at the Leisure Centre and runs out along the railway walk to Howe Road, and then back again. It’s flat and fast, and is a great course to do if you want to test your fitness over a 5K run.

  1. The course begins in front of the plaza, next to the traffic lights.
  2. Follow the path past the cinema and the cricket club, down to the petrol station.
  3. Turn left into Manor Road and follow the pavement until you reach the junction with Railway walk.
  4. Turn left onto the railway walk and follow the path past the leisure centre and Tesco, and over the footbridge until you reach the end of the path where it joins Howe Road.
  5. Turn left immediately before the end and follow the grass path along the top of the bank which surrounds the small flood basin.
  6. Rejoin the railway walk and turn right back towards the leisure centre.
  7. Go past Tesco and the leisure centre, all the way back to Manor Road.
  8. Turn right down Manor Road and then right again back to the finish line at the Plaza.