PB League 2021


PB stands for Personal Best.
  • Only PB’s at the following distances count towards the PB League: 5K, 5 mile, 10K, 10 mile, Half-Marathon, 20 mile and Marathon.
  • A first attempt at a distance will not qualify as a PB for the league.
  • PB’s have to be set on an accurately measured course.
  • PB’s ran in a race, parkrun or club time-trial will qualify, as long as they are accurately measured and timed. A PB set whilst out training will not count. “Virtual” events do not qualify for the PB League.
  • League started 01/01/2021 and will finish the Sunday before awards night (usually in November/December).
  • A PB is your best time ever for the set distance.
  • The person with the most PB’s at the end of the competition wins.
  • Second claim members PB’s will only qualify for this league if their PB was achieved in an event in which they represent Haverhill Running Club.
NameNumber of PBs
Josh Wigmore5
Kate Russell5
Sam Boreham3
Daniel Everitt3
Kathryn Armour 2
Sara Hammett-Ridsale2
Glenn Furish2
Kevin Barker2
Caitlin Hayward2
Ethan Bright2
Josef Jacobs1
Steve Oglesby1
Clare Clark1
Stephen Husband1
Kelly Walton1
Sarah Harris1
Charlie Minnette1
Wayne Maund1
Alison Smith1
Denise Tarrant1
Rebecca Sims1
Andrew Gage1
Jan Walker1
Nicole Sisson1
Louise Harris1
Shirley Fowler1
Stacey Anne Hall1