Next Training Sessions

Week Commencing 6th July

Date/TimeFirst name, Last nameSession Details
Thurs 6.30Cheryl Trundle Puddlebrook Large Field
 Hayley Wilson Timed Intervals
 Suzanne PattinsonTrevor Bunch
 Charlotte Denley 
 Alison Smith  
Thurs 6.30Lynnette GarstangPuddlebrook Small Field
 Caitlin HaywardTimed Intervals
 Jemma BensonClair Nagorski
 Annette Hall 
 Jennifer Matthews-Jones 
Thurs 7.15Josef JacobsPuddlebrook Large Field
 Martin Lawrence Timed Intervals
 Graham Dixon Trevor Bunch
 Daniel Everitt 
 Grace Judge 
Thurs 7.15Wendy Aldhouse Puddlebrook Small Field
 Josh IronTimed Intervals
 Lisa HaworthClair Nagorski
 Keeley White 
 Kim Wendelken 
ReservePhil Tempest 

The weekly training sessions have been popular, and it’s been great to see so many club members returning to regular training. There’s no end in sight to the current limitations on the size of training groups, so we are looking to streamline the booking system so that it’s more sustainable from an administration perspective.

Based on the information we’ve collected over the past few weeks we now have a good idea of how many groups are needed at each ability level each week.

  • 20mins and under 5K = 1 group
  • 21-25min 5K = 2 groups
  • 26-30min 5K = 2 groups
  • 31 and over 5K = 3 groups

These are the groups that we will offer each week going forwards (assuming we have enough coaching capacity each week). To increase the chances of finding enough coaches for 8 sessions a week, we are splitting the sessions over Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ve tried to ensure that every ability group has a choice of days and a choice of times.

We will be using Eventbrite to take the bookings each week. This will enable you to select the session that you want and book straight onto it. At the end of the booking process you will be given the option of creating an account, and we encourage you all to do this (if you don’t already have one). Creating an account will enable you to cancel or change your booking if you can no longer make it, and means that someone else can then take your place.

A weekly training post with details of the next weeks sessions will go out at the end of each week.

Rules for athletes attending training during Covid-19

  • Please read the England Athletics guidance on returning to training.
  • Before leaving home follow all hygiene guidance including washing your hands.
  • Drinks bottles MUST be clearly labelled with your name.
  • Seniors – To reduce the risk of injury please warm up before arriving at the venue so that you are ready to start the session straight away. Do not warm up at the venue as there may already be sessions taking place.
  • When you arrive at the venue please go straight to your meeting point.
  • Always adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines.
  • Do not touch any of the equipment such as cones, these must only be handled by the organising coach.
  • Please leave the venue once the session has finished.
  • Failure to comply with these rules may mean that you are asked to leave the session and may not be able to book onto future sessions.