Junior Training

Home training during the CV crisis

Given the current situation with Covid-19 isolations and now the closure of schools to most pupils, we felt it would be useful to provide everyone with a weekly training plan including a daily challenge keep up fitness levels until such time as we can all meet again. All parents are welcome to join in!

Week 2 (31 March)

Progressive and regressive reps

Remember warm-up drills: first high knees, fast feet, back kicks, open the gate and close the gate.

Reps (secs)

Set 1: 15,20,25,30,35

Set 2: 35,30,25,20,15

Set 3: 15,20,25,30,35

  1. Start at a designated point
  2. Sprint for the times given above
  3. Jog back to the starting point
  4. Repeat for each set

Focus on recovery on the way back and the 2-minute rests between sets – always good arm drive and upright posture.

Cool down: Gentle jog and remember to hold your stretches and no hands on knees!

(Thanks to Peter for adding a bit of detail!)

Week 1 (21 March)

Ongoing daily challengeSkipping: Start with 5 minutes continuous with no break and if you step on the rope start again. Add 10 seconds each day. This is to build stamina and improve your breathing. There will be a competition to see who can keep going the longest once we return.

DayTrainingWhat to focus onCool down/Stretches
SaturdayEndurance 20–30 mins continuous running at a comfortable pace. This can be done round the garden in parks, quiet tracks, etc.Ensure you are relaxed and keep your posture uprightUsual stretches plus
Calf stretches
Up on your toes 
MondayPlank – 20s rest 10 x 3 sets
Sit-up – hold 10s x 3 sets
Side plank – 20s rest 10s x 3 sets
Before starting make sure you engage your stomach musclesUsual stretches plus side stretches, side straddle stretch (legs apart shift weight over one knee)
TuesdayRunning reps
20 seconds flat out, rest 40 seconds recovery, walk back to start
Repeat 5 times rest 3 mins x 3 reps
Focus on recoveryUsual stretches plus:
Calf stretches Hamstrings 
ThursdayTempo run
3 mins easy
5 mins tempo
Repeat 3 times  
Tempo run – you should not be able to talk, focus on speed and changing running paceUsual stretches plus:
Up on toes
Heel stretches 

Please send any feedback to Sil (mummyread@aol.com), including how you are getting on, Strava data and photos! Sil will be happy to offer further help and advice if needed.