Results 2023

Club members competing in any race on our fixture list will see their results automatically recorded, unless they request otherwise. Please ensure you enter as an HRC affiliated runner so your result will be picked up.

If you have any results from other races that you would like recorded, please use the link below to notify us. You can also use this form to advise of any incorrect PB recording. Alternatively, you can get in contact by emailing me at or send me a message through facebook.


5 MarSouthwold XCresults TBC
5 MarGrizzly FullStephen Reyes04:31:42926
Mark White04:48:061055
Simon Wallis04:48:081054
Kevin Millard04:48:131060
5 MarOundle 20mileIan McClements03:46:33349
5 MarEssex 20Glen Fruish03:08:13261
5 MarCambridge HMSteve Mason01:16:47176
David Percy01:23:35554PB
Westley Walker01:25:23689
Ben Phillips01:28:481023
Mark Novels01:28:501027PB
Neal Combe01:28:591050
Mat Cowell01:31:211297
Chris Hawkins01:34:431683
Ross Bronson01:37:342066
Mary-Ann Tuli01:43:153064
Wayne Maund01:44:453385PB
Benjamin Smith01:49:344333
Tony Gooding01:49:524405
Emily Chapman01:50:204484
John Nevin01:54:3553695th MV70
Cheryl Trundle01:55:2155305th FV65
Roger Westrope01:56:275780
John Hazard01:56:415843
Nicole Sisson01:57:256024PB
Kellie Garrod01:58:436337
Sil Clay01:58:466345
Josh Iron02:04:027338
Andrew Gage02:04:077357
Alison Goodwin02:04:077358
Jack Tappin02:04:317407
Lisa Bruton02:08:508104PB
Tracy Betts02:10:028292
Hayley Wilson02:13:378799
James Hymas02:16:429164
Natasha Smith02:20:099530
Clair Nagorski02:21:309629
Helen George02:23:599861
Jan Walker02:27:0110080PB
Wendy Giddins02:27:4810148
Maria Reed02:32:5810463
Karen North02:38:1110713
Rebecca Sims02:38:2410723PB
Emma Stevenson02:42:1510865
Andy Brown02:59:4411266
Chris Leroy03:23:0511372


5 FebLondon Winter 10kAnna O’Hare00:39:49267
Lisa Harling00:57:315395PB
Alison Goodwin00:57:335408
Kelly Feeney01:06:369380
Helen George01:06:379382
Kelly Walton01:06:479442
12 FebDubai MarathonAndrew Quick03:00:1685PB
12 FebXC-Winter League – Pakenham – SeniorsMatt Bigley00:31:0225
Andrew Bell00:31:0826
Anna O’Hare00:33:32494th female
James Minnette00:35:0176
Mark Novels00:35:3287
Ben Smith00:36:47113
Mark Phillips00:39:33166
John Steel00:40:19181
Mary Ann Tuli00:41:07192
Juliet Bigley00:44:42224
Sil Clay00:45:16233
Sirkka Love00:45:28237
XC-Winter League – Pakenham – JuniorsHarry Minnette00:13:1827
Kate Russell00:14:0741
26 FebTarpley 10mWestley Walker01:06:3428
Glenn Fruish01:18:3498
Barry Osborne01:19:001002nd MV70
Wayne Maund01:20:28114PB
John Steel01:22:04122PB
Simon Wallis01:25:43152
Tracy Pelling01:26:42165
Cheryl Trundle01:26:551672nd FV65
Stuart Nunn01:27:23174PB
Daniel Everitt01:30:26195
Sil Clay01:30:29196
Kellie Garrod01:33:52222
Alison Goodwin01:33:52223
Josh Iron01:33:54225
Grace Judge01:36:45242
Lisa Bruton01:37:37251
Rachel Darvill01:38:36261
Tracy Betts01:39:34265
Hayley Wilson01:40:38273
Charlotte Denley01:43:21284
Clare Anderson01:45:22286
Helen George01:49:18311
Jan Walker01:49:45313PB
Clair Nagorski01:51:05324
Natasha Smith01:51:04325
Wendy Giddins01:51:05326
26 FebTarpley 20mMark Novels02:29:3586
Daniel Pelling02:54:01186
Tony Gooding03:01:19219
Andrew Gage03:19:46262
Rhiannon Beal03:31:23286PB
Michelle Gardner04:00:04311


8 JanSuffolk XC County Championships U15 boysHarry Minnette00:16:0118
8 Jan Suffolk XC County Championships U17 menBen Phillips00:24:4012
Charlie Minnette00:26:3516
8 JanSuffolk XC County Championships Senior MenChay Hopkins00:33:208
Stephen Husband00:35:5523
Matthew Bigley00:36:42303rd V45
James Minnette00:40:4166
Daniel Pelling00:42:5292
Bryan Rootes00:43:2598
Mark Phillips00:46:16114
Tobias Wilson-Waterworth00:47:14122
Stephen Reyes00:47:49127
8 JanSuffolk XC Country Championships Senior WomenAnna O’Hare00:30:316
Tracy Quarrell00:40:0962
Sirkka Love00:41:0969
8 Jan East Hanningfield Trail MarathonAndrew Gage05:32:1031
8 JanOundle New Year 10kSilke Sheppard00:55:221482nd FV60
15 Jan Benfleet 15Steve Mason01:50:1925
15 Jan XC Winter League – StowmarketChay Hopkins00:30:063
Matt Bigley00:33:5833
Andrew Bell00:34:4239
James Witham00:34:5745
James Minette00:36:0064
Ben Hopkins00:36:0667
Anna O’Hare00:36:15696th female
Daniel Pelling00:39:17128
Mark Novels00:39:18129
Bryan Rootes00:40:55171
Mary Ann Tuli00:42:57212
Toby Wilson-Waterworth00:43:53226
Mark Phillips00:44:06239
Stephen Reyes00:44:35245
Tracy Pelling00:48:28304
Dan Everitt00:49:16313
Sirkka Love00:49:40317
Sil Clay00:50:55332
Hayley Wilson00:56:29363
15 JanXC Winter League – Stowmarket – JuniorsCharlie Minnette00:15:1713
Harry Minnette00:16:2024
Kate Russell00:17:3141
21 JanPeddars Way Ultra (48 miles)Andrew Gage09:46:5861PB
28 JanWindmill Way Wander (Barrow) HMShirley Fowler02:19:2639
29 JanATW Bedford 10mTony Bacon01:07:0533
Silke Sheppard01:31:111903rd FV60

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