Results 2023

Club members competing in any race on our fixture list will see their results automatically recorded*, unless they request otherwise. Please ensure you enter as an HRC affiliated runner so your result will be picked up.

If you have any results from other races that you would like recorded, or if I’ve missed you off accidentally, please use the link at the foot of this page to notify us. You can also use this form to advise of any incorrect PB recording. Alternatively, you can get in contact by emailing me at or send me a message through facebook.

*Please note, your result appearing on the website does NOT mean it automatically gets entered into our club championships – you need to tell us which results you want to submit. Please see the club championship page for a full explanation of the rules.


02 SeptemberSouth Coast Ultra Challenge (57k)Shirley Fowler09:10:005314th lady
08 SeptemberIckworth Sunset Chase 10kMark Phillips00:51:0444
Allison Austin01:03:29136
Amie Field01:10:18164
Veronica Lewis01:16:54195
08 SeptemberIckworth Sunset Chase 5kSuz Carter-White00:35:4042
Alison Smith00:35:4143
Stacey Castle00:35:4844
10 September Great North RunSue Turley02:22:3322880
Jasmine Pitcher02:30:2227407
Graeme Johnston02:42:5332855
Stacey Castle03:39:2142507
Louise Harris03:39:3742524
10 SeptemberFelixstowe Coastal 10mMark Novels01:14:49551st V60
Daniel Pelling01:18:0767
Alison Goodwin01:28:08159
Glenn Fruish01:29:14166
Tracy Pelling01:33:13191
Joe Sayer01:41:01262
David Mansfield01:48:34316
James Mears01:51:19324
Melanie Mansfield01:54:43337
17 SeptemberIpswich Half MarathonOliver Hughes01:36:01116
Yusuf Firat01:55:25497
Graeme Johnston02:40:271190
17 SeptemberStevenage 10kClare Clark01:05:51212
17 SeptemberCleethorpes 10kJoan Nevin01:12:406571st MV70


03 August5K Summer SeriesAndrew Mynott00:16:355
KedingtonChay Hopkins00:16:5610
Andrew Bell00:18:5536
David Percy00:19:0239
Ben Phillips00:19:0341
Darren Elsom00:19:3556
Zach Godfrey00:19:4970
Thomas Allen00:20:2786
Ben Smith00:20:4094
Oliver Hughes00:21:04103
Mark Novels00:21:05104
Ethan Bolton00:21:41121
Lauri Love00:21:49124
Kate Russell00:21:53125
Cameron Wishart00:22:01130
Ray Mooney00:22:02131
Glenn Fruish00:23:26170
Mark Phillips00:23:49176
Carl Oldford00:24:04181
Thomas Bailey00:24:43191
Stuart Nunn00:24:47193
Rachel Darvill00:24:47194
Alex Creasy00:24:49203
Caitlyn Wishart00:25:49216
Melanie Catten00:25:50217
Nicole Sisson00:26:17224
John Nevin00:26:23227
Shirley Fowler00:27:12239
Sil Clay00:27:22242
James Hymas00:28:36258
Alex Robelou00:29:17275
Alison Goodwin00:29:30279
Josh Iron00:29:31280
Andrew Gage00:29:31281
Ronan Cassidy00:29:43283
Jim Mears00:29:54285
Davina Neale00:30:03290
Diena Bolton00:31:14300
Kurt Siss00:31:17301
Sarah Murkin00:31:47304
Daniel Everitt00:31:48305
Charlotte Churcher00:33:15310
Jannette Walker00:33:45311
Amie Field00:33:53313
Veronica Lewis00:33:57314
Jayne Sari00:33:57315
Sarah Robelou00:34:01316
David Greenham00:34:06318
Harry Proctor00:34:10319
Ashley Proctor00:34:10320
Andy Brown00:38:06327
Louise Harris00:40:50330
12 AugustStour Valley 50kBen Hopkins05:56:5338
12 AugustStour Valley 100kChay Hopkins09:01:371st
Alan Emery12:19:0513
Andrew Gage15:11:4060
17 August5k Summer SeriesDavid Percy00:19:1838
ElyJames Minnette00:19:4550
Darren Elsom00:19:5756
Oliver Hughes00:20:2072PB
Ethan Sheward00:20:2173
Ben Smith00:20:2375
Charlie Minnette00:20:3384
Harry Minnette00:20:4895
Mark Novels00:21:04105
Ray Mooney00:21:51119
Matt Cowell00:21:58120
Alan Emery00:22:09124
Kate Russell00:22:20127
Thomas Bentley00:24:15178
Alex Creasy00:25:04197
Sil Clay00:26:34223
Cheryl Trundle00:26:35224
Sirkka Love00:27:35237
Stuart Nunn00:28:32255
James Hymas00:29:13264
Ronan Cassidy00:29:26267
Kurt Siss00:32:12289
Graeme Johnson00:32:20292
Andres Luna00:32:38294
Dave Greenham00:34:43302
20 AugustClacton 10kPaul Game00:40:387
Amanda Wilson01:12:19250
Clacton HMGlenn Fruish01:55:50105
Shirley Fowler02:00:31134
Sil Clay02:02:56147
Jan Walker02:32:51283
31 August5k Summer SeriesChay Hopkins00:17:253
RoystonDavid Percy00:20:5960
Harry Minnette00:21:0663
Thomas Allen00:21:0965
Charlie Minnette00:21:1166
Oliver Hughes00:21:2775
Ben Smith00:21:2976
Darren Elsom00:21:4383
Mark Novels00:22:29104
James Minnette00:22:50115
Ethan Lewis00:23:14127
Trevor Bunch00:23:43139
Stuart Nunn00:25:31174
Cheryl Trundle00:27:53206
Nicole Sisson00:28:27217
Ronan Cassidy00:28:41222
Sil Clay00:28:45223
Alex Robelou00:30:37259
Silke Sheppard00:30:44260
Sarah Robelou00:33:06278
David Greenham00:38:11296


02 JulyIckworth Hoohah 10kAlex Ashton00:55:2674
07 JulyGt Bentley Friday 5mDavid Percy00:31:2064
Darren Elsom00:32:1580
James Minette00:32:2887
Charlie Minette00:34:18120
Vashti Macdonald-Clink00:35:25148
Barry Osborne00:36:23171
Mary Ann Tuli00:38:09213
Westley Walker00:38:10214
Sil Clay00:42:27294
Grace Judge00:45:52353
9 JulyAsics London 10kStuart Nunn00:51:463998
13 July5k Summer Series Chay Hopkins00:15:414
Carver BarracksAndrew Mynott00:16:1011
Joshua Wigmore00:17:1943
Westley Walker00:18:0862
David Percy00:18:1866
James Withams00:18:2271
Ben Phillips00:18:3176
James Minnette00:18:55102
Neal Coombe00:19:03109
Chaz Barrett00:19:47136PB
Sophie Horler-Impey00:19:58144
Andrew Bell00:20:04148
Ben Smith00:20:04149PB
Ethan Bolton00:20:33160
Kate Russell00:20:45167PB
Ray Mooney00:21:03175
Jayson Shuter00:21:28184
Barry Osborne00:21:51198
Trevor Bunch00:21:57199
Tom Bentley00:21:57200
Glenn Fruish00:22:10205
Mark Phillips00:22:16209
Carl Oldford00:22:23213PB
Mary Ann Tuli00:22:51224
John Steel00:23:03230
Stuart Nunn00:23:04232PB
Toby Wilson-Waterworth00:24:27263
Alex Creasy00:24:52271
Sil Clay00:25:03274
Harry Minnette00:25:10275
Cat Wilson00:25:11276
Cheryl Trundle00:25:20282
Sirkka Love00:26:21304
Tony Bacon00:27:17318
Grace Judge00:27:24321
Suzanne Pattinson00:27:57330
Clare Everitt00:27:57331
Karen North00:27:59332
Daniel Everitt00:28:02333
James Hymas00:28:05334
Diena Bolton00:31:04357
Natasha Smith00:31:09358
Alison Smith00:34:14376
David Greenham00:34:44378
Suz Carter-White00:37:48387
Louise Harris00:37:49388


02 JuneSudbury Friday 5mDavid Percy00:31:0034
Darren Elsom00:31:3742
Andrew Bell00:32:1150
Oliver Hughes00:33:3866
Vashti Macdonald-Clink00:33:56743rd lady
Mark Novels00:35:0093
Barry Osborne00:35:591141st MV70
Mary Ann Tuli00:38:24158
John Steel00:39:28171PB
Sil Clay00:42:01204
Cheryl Trundle00:43:20221
Hayley Wilson00:48:18266
08 June5k Summer SeriesAndrew Mynott00:16:254
NewmarketBen Phillips00:19:2563
Tony Bacon00:19:3767
Darren Elsom00:19:4674
Harry Minette00:20:30103
James Minette00:20:30104
Jayson Shuter00:21:06118
Sophie Horler-Impey00:21:08120
Ethan Bolton00:21:09121
Ray Mooney00:21:19129
Cameron Wishart00:21:38134
Mark Novels00:21:51140
Kate Russell00:22:15149
Glenn Fruish00:22:40160
Craig Sisson00:22:45161
Barry Osborne00:22:59166
Mark Phillips00:23:32181
Rachel Darvill00:23:59196
Tom Bentley00:24:10202
John Steel00:24:20208
Tujan Sari00:24:26211
Stuart Nunn00:25:08228PB
Daniel Everitt00:25:30238
Caitlyn Wishart00:25:40241
Sil Clay00:25:40242
Alex Creasy00:26:05276
Cheryl Trundle00:27:18282
Grace Judge00:27:48296
Andres Luna00:28:49308
Karen North00:29:17316
Hayley Wilson00:29:19317
Mary Ann Tuli00:29:19318
James Hymas00:29:42327
Suzanne Pattinson00:29:47328
Natasha Smith00:30:17333
Helen George00:30:17335
Clare Clark00:30:44342
Diena Bolton00:33:04350
Sharon Borowy00:33:41352
David Greenham00:34:22354
Jannette Walker00:35:11356
Suz Carter-White00:35:11357
Jayne Sari00:35:49360
Veronica Lewis00:35:50361
Cheryl Claydon00:35:50362
Susan Marren00:38:22371
Louise Harris00:39:12372
09-JunFramlingham Friday 5mWestley Walker00:30:3733
David Percy00:31:2341
Mark Novels00:34:53100
Vashti Macdonald-Clink00:35:00104
Trevor Bunch00:37:50171
Mary Ann Tuli00:38:00176
Sil Clay00:42:06279
11 JuneValley of the Owls RunJohn Steel02:30:1444
16-JunBury Friday 5mChay Hopkins00:28:107
Westley Walker00:31:1335
David Percy00:31:5940
Ben Phillips00:34:1677
Mark Novels00:35:0691
Vashti Macdonald-Clink00:35:0792
Charlie Minette00:37:16132
James Minette00:37:17134
Mark Phillips00:38:41163
Mary Ann Tuli00:39:06171
John Steel00:39:25176
Sil Clay00:43:04242
Cheryl Trundle00:43:18247
18 JuneSteeple Bumpstead 10k & 3kissues with results
18-JunSandringham Half MarathonAndy Brown03:26:03
25-JunNewmarket 10kDarren Elsom00:42:29211st MV45
(Stetchworth)Tony Bacon00:42:4623
Mary Ann Tuli00:51:35761st MV50
Sil Clay00:55:58102
Cheryl Trundle00:57:37110
30-JunStowmarket Friday 5mChay Hopkins00:27:336
Westley Walker00:30:1529
James Minette00:33:3175
Charlie Minette00:33:3678
Vashti Macdonald-Clink00:34:3090
John Steel00:40:20209
Sil Clay00:41:57243
Grace Judge00:45:14287


01 MayMilton Keynes MarathonDarren Elsom03:14:41111
1 MayAshdon 10kAndrew Mynott00:36:441st
David Percy00:40:573rd
Oliver Hughes00:44:319
Mark Novels00:45:4710
Mat Cowell00:45:5511
Thomas Allen00:45:5912
Tony Bacon00:49:4817
Simon Wallis00:51:2726
Mary-Ann Tuli00:52:2538
Yusuf Firat00:52:3439
John Steel00:52:3940
Alex Ashton00:56:0662
Hanneli Stevenson00:56:0864
Steven Oglesby00:56:0865
Sil Clay00:56:1168
Neil Darracott00:57:4780
Catherine Hunt00:58:2184
Christine Taylor01:03:32112
Hayley Wilson01:03:40113
Polly Wells01:03:55114
1 MayBreckland 10kWestley Walker00:39:3610
4 MayNewmarket Heath 6kLauri Love00:26:4883
Sirkka Love00:30:03122
07 MayBury to Clare (18 mile)Shirley Fowler03:38:5496
Allison Austin03:57:37133
Cherilyn Lane04:23:43180
Jordan Barfield04:37:31187
Alison Goodwin04:45:25195
Josh Iron04:45:26196
Louise Harris06:49:16286
Cheryl Eden06:49:16287
07 MayStephen Williams 10kTony Bacon00:43:0150
Benjamin Smith00:43:4655
Mary-Ann Tuli00:48:06106
John Steel00:48:21107
Carl Oldford00:51:58141
Tracy Pelling00:52:15146
Alex Ashton00:52:29148
Sil Clay00:53:43154
14 MayColchester Stampede 10kJayson Shuter00:46:09112
John Steel00:46:40163
14 MayRob Burrow Leeds MarathonShirley Fowler04:45:114281
Lisa Bruton04:59:285187
Helen George05:03:525426
Denise Tarrant05:38:506941
Wendy Giddins05:59:087501
14 MayHalstead MarathonSimon Wallis04:10:51116
Yusuf Firat04:12:28119
21 MayStort 10 mileStuart Nunn01:23:13126
21 MayChester HMJohn Nevin01:53:381301
21 MayTisza Triathlon (Hungary)Benjamin Smith01:13:00
26 MayKirton Friday 5 mileWestley Walker00:30:1338
David Percy00:30:4244
Mark Novels00:34:0795
Mary-Ann Tuli00:37:141613rd FV50
Sil Clay00:41:12259
Christine Taylor00:46:38344
Hayley Wilson00:48:20372
29 MayHatfield Broad Oak 10kStuart Nunn00:50:56353
Holly Le Winton00:57:30607


02 AprBrighton MarathonMark Novels03:24:24871
Rhiannon Marie04:23:484357PB
Glenn Fruish04:39:415674
Maria Reed05:53:017963
02 AprLondon Landmarks HMHelen Louise02:13:20PB
Jan Walker02:23:36PB
07 AprSudbury Fun Run (5 mile)Darren Elsom00:32:2950
Chris Hawkins00:33:1863
Benjamin Smith00:35:0782
Alan Emery00:36:40126
Ross Arnold00:38:01158
Mary Ann Tuli00:39:00181
Sil Clay00:42:47263
Lisa Bruton00:48:04382
Christine Taylor00:49:23409
Helen George00:51:04429
Josh Iron00:51:04430
16 AprRoad Relay Championships
Junior Girls U17TEAM00:34:081st in category
Erin Sari00:11:31
Sophie Horler Impey00:10:58
Caitlin Wishart00:11:38
Junior Boys U15TEAM00:31:423rd in category
Harry Minnette00:09:36
Luke Britten00:11:28
Cameron Wishart00:10:38
Junior Boys U17TEAM00:27:332nd in category
Charlie Minnette00:09:06
Josh Wigmore00:08:44
Thomas Allen00:09:42
Open Vet Women (Suffolk)TEAM01:13:3310 in category
Sirkka Love00:24:49
Sheryl Trundle00:24:55
Sil Clay00:23:47
Open Vet Women (Non-Suffolk)TEAM01:10:301st in category
Tracy Pelling00:23:00
Grace Judge00:26:02
Mary Ann Tuli00:21:28
Vet Men MV40+TEAM01:01:545th in category
John Steel00:21:16
Alan Emery00:20:13
Byran Rootes00:20:24
Open MenTEAM01:18:475th in category
Neal Coombe00:18:26
John Hazzard00:22:15
Ross Bronson00:18:52
Benjamin Smith00:19:12
16 AprManchester MarathonJames Minnette03:29:093895
23 AprThetford Forest Hoohaah (10k)Chris Hawkins00:41:159
23 AprLondon MarathonGlenn Fruish04:03:3319369
Kym Cromarty Reader04:11:1721524
Stephen Reyes04:29:00
Clair Nagorski04:52:2533341
Fran Williams06:05:2845312
Alison Smith06:12:5545873
23 AprVirtual London MarathonMaria Reed06:37:382721
Louise Harris08:15:483417
23 AprBlackpool HMShirley Fowler01:55:14149
27 Apr5k Summer Series – Race 1Andrew Mynott00:16:4511
IMPINGTONJoshua Wigmore00:18:2130
David Percy00:19:0743
Andrew Bell00:19:2853
James Minnette00:19:4360
Tony Bacon00:19:5166
Harry Minnette00:20:2586
Oliver Hughes00:20:3590
Stephen Husband00:20:3591
Jayson Shuter00:20:4294
Kate Russell00:20:4899 (11th lady)PB
Ben Smith00:21:06107
Mark Novels00:21:37118
Cameron Wishart00:22:07136
Barry Osborne00:22:41154
Ray Mooney00:22:51159
Craig Sisson00:23:11169
Alan Emery00:23:13170
Ethan Bolton00:23:16172
Mary Ann Tuli00:23:20173
Mark Phillips00:23:49187
Emma Moss00:24:01190
Erin Sari00:24:08199
Rachel Darvill00:24:12200
Tujan Sari00:24:18205
Simon Wallis00:24:31213
Caitlyn Wishart00:24:55224
Sophie Horler-Impey00:25:03228
Tom Bentley00:25:05230
Sheree Reilly00:25:13237
Stuart Nunn00:25240
Martin Smithson00:25:38247
Shirley Fowler00:26:01263
Carl Oldford00:26:02264
Sil Clay00:26:12267
Tracy Pelling00:26:15269
Cat Wilson00:26:42277
Cheryl Trundle00:26:53286
Daniel Everitt00:27:10288
Claire Anderson00:27:45292
Alison Goodwin00:27:56296
Andrew Gage00:27:58297
Josh Iron00:28:00299
Christine Taylor00:28:40304
Grace Judge00:28:45308
Clare Everitt00:28:46309
Nicole Sisson00:29:33320
Hayley Wilson00:29:34321
Karen North00:29:40324
Andres Luna00:29:45325
James Hymas00:29:56328
David Bray00:30:01330
Diena Bolton00:31:30341
Kurt Siss00:32:54352
Debbie Hartshorn00:33:39357
Steve Miller00:33:40358
Rebecca Sims00:34:34360
Sharon Borowy00:34:40364
Suz Carter-White00:35:09366
Rachel Dickson00:36:00367
Mandy Wilson00:37:04371
Susan Marren00:37:05372
Melissa Wasdall00:38:12373
Louise Harris00:39:34375
Vicky Moss00:39:36376


05 MarXC Winter League – Southwold – SeniorsChay Hopkins00:31:171st
Matt Bigley00:34:2013
Anna O’Hare00:38:0344 (6th Female)
Ben Hopkins00:41:3480
Toby Wilson-Waterworth00:45:29139
Juliet Bigley00:45:48148
XC Winter League – Southwold – JuniorsKate Russell00:17:0738
05 MarGrizzly FullStephen Reyes04:31:42926
Mark White04:48:061055
Simon Wallis04:48:081054
Kevin Millard04:48:131060
05 MarOundle 20mileIan McClements03:46:33349
05 MarEssex 20Glen Fruish03:08:13261
05 MarCambridge HMSteve Mason01:16:47176club record time
David Percy01:23:35554PB
Westley Walker01:25:23689
Ben Phillips01:28:481023
Mark Novels01:28:501027PB
Neal Combe01:28:591050
Mat Cowell01:31:211297
Chris Hawkins01:34:431683
Oliver Hughes01:34:531706
Ross Bronson01:37:342066
Mary-Ann Tuli01:43:153064
Wayne Maund01:44:453385PB
Benjamin Smith01:49:344333
Tony Gooding01:49:524405
Emily Chapman01:50:204484
John Nevin01:54:3553695th MV70
Cheryl Trundle01:55:2155305th FV65
Roger Westrope01:56:275780
John Hazard01:56:415843
Nicole Sisson01:57:256024PB
Kellie Garrod01:58:436337
Sil Clay01:58:466345
Josh Iron02:04:027338
Andrew Gage02:04:077357
Alison Goodwin02:04:077358
Jack Tappin02:04:317407
Lisa Bruton02:08:508104PB
Tracy Betts02:10:028292
Hayley Wilson02:13:378799
James Hymas02:16:429164
Natasha Smith02:20:099530
Clair Nagorski02:21:309629
Helen George02:23:599861
Jan Walker02:27:0110080PB
Wendy Giddins02:27:4810148
Maria Reed02:32:5810463
Karen North02:38:1110713
Rebecca Sims02:38:2410723PB
Emma Stevenson02:42:1510865
Andy Brown02:59:4411266
Chris Leroy03:23:0511372
19 MarStowmarket HMMary Ann Tuli01:46:001072nd FV50
Hanneli Stevenson01:50:05131
Steve Oglesby01:50:06132
Tracy Pelling01:52:38142
Yusuf Firat01:53:20147
John Steel01:55:39159
Matthew Bramwell01:55:48162
Sil Clay01:57:48178
John Nevin01:59:471882nd MV70+
26 MarXC Winter League – Horseheath – SeniorsSam Boreham00:27:122
Chay Hopkins00:27:444
Matt Bigley00:31:0419
James Witham00:31:4823
Anna O’Hare00:35:1557 (7th female)
James Minnette00:37:1177
Simon Wallis00:37:5790
Mark Phillips00:39:11102
Mary Ann Tuli00:40:47119
Toby Wilson-Waterworth00:41:29123
Dan Everitt00:42:22129
Laurie Love00:43:28134
Andrew Gage01:01:44Tailrunner
SC Winter League – Horseheath – JuniorsHarry Minnette00:14:5737
Kate Russell00:16:1249
Sophie Horler-Impey00:16:1851
Max Irvine00:17:5256


05 FebLondon Winter 10kAnna O’Hare00:39:49267
Lisa Harling00:57:315395PB
Alison Goodwin00:57:335408
Kelly Feeney01:06:369380
Helen George01:06:379382
Kelly Walton01:06:479442
12 FebDubai MarathonAndrew Quick03:00:1685PB
12 FebXC-Winter League – Pakenham – SeniorsMatt Bigley00:31:0225
Andrew Bell00:31:0826
Anna O’Hare00:33:32494th female
James Minnette00:35:0176
Mark Novels00:35:3287
Ben Smith00:36:47113
Mark Phillips00:39:33166
John Steel00:40:19181
Mary Ann Tuli00:41:07192
Juliet Bigley00:44:42224
Sil Clay00:45:16233
Sirkka Love00:45:28237
XC-Winter League – Pakenham – JuniorsHarry Minnette00:13:1827
Kate Russell00:14:0741
26 FebTarpley 10mWestley Walker01:06:3428
Glenn Fruish01:18:3498
Barry Osborne01:19:001002nd MV70
Wayne Maund01:20:28114PB
John Steel01:22:04122PB
Simon Wallis01:25:43152
Tracy Pelling01:26:42165
Cheryl Trundle01:26:551672nd FV65
Stuart Nunn01:27:23174PB
Daniel Everitt01:30:26195
Sil Clay01:30:29196
Kellie Garrod01:33:52222
Alison Goodwin01:33:52223
Josh Iron01:33:54225
Grace Judge01:36:45242
Lisa Bruton01:37:37251
Rachel Darvill01:38:36261
Tracy Betts01:39:34265
Hayley Wilson01:40:38273
Charlotte Denley01:43:21284
Clare Anderson01:45:22286
Helen George01:49:18311
Jan Walker01:49:45313PB
Clair Nagorski01:51:05324
Natasha Smith01:51:04325
Wendy Giddins01:51:05326
26 FebTarpley 20mMark Novels02:29:3586
Daniel Pelling02:54:01186
Tony Gooding03:01:19219
Andrew Gage03:19:46262
Rhiannon Beal03:31:23286PB
Michelle Gardner04:00:04311


08 JanSuffolk XC County Championships U15 boysHarry Minnette00:16:0118
08 Jan Suffolk XC County Championships U17 menBen Phillips00:24:4012
Charlie Minnette00:26:3516
08 JanSuffolk XC County Championships Senior MenChay Hopkins00:33:208
Stephen Husband00:35:5523
Matthew Bigley00:36:42303rd V45
James Minnette00:40:4166
Daniel Pelling00:42:5292
Bryan Rootes00:43:2598
Mark Phillips00:46:16114
Tobias Wilson-Waterworth00:47:14122
Stephen Reyes00:47:49127
08 JanSuffolk XC Country Championships Senior WomenAnna O’Hare00:30:316
Tracy Quarrell00:40:0962
Sirkka Love00:41:0969
08 Jan East Hanningfield Trail MarathonAndrew Gage05:32:1031
08 JanOundle New Year 10kSilke Sheppard00:55:221482nd FV60
15 Jan Benfleet 15Steve Mason01:50:1925
15 Jan XC Winter League – StowmarketChay Hopkins00:30:063
Matt Bigley00:33:5833
Andrew Bell00:34:4239
James Witham00:34:5745
James Minette00:36:0064
Ben Hopkins00:36:0667
Anna O’Hare00:36:15696th female
Daniel Pelling00:39:17128
Mark Novels00:39:18129
Bryan Rootes00:40:55171
Mary Ann Tuli00:42:57212
Toby Wilson-Waterworth00:43:53226
Mark Phillips00:44:06239
Stephen Reyes00:44:35245
Tracy Pelling00:48:28304
Dan Everitt00:49:16313
Sirkka Love00:49:40317
Sil Clay00:50:55332
Hayley Wilson00:56:29363
XC Winter League – Stowmarket – JuniorsCharlie Minnette00:15:1713
Harry Minnette00:16:2024
Kate Russell00:17:3141
21 JanPeddars Way Ultra (48 miles)Andrew Gage09:46:5861PB
28 JanWindmill Way Wander (Barrow) HMShirley Fowler02:19:2639
29 JanATW Bedford 10mTony Bacon01:07:0533
Silke Sheppard01:31:111903rd FV60

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