Running routes

5KEast Town Park 5K
5K Leisure Centre 5K (Time Trial)
5K Old 5K Time Trial
5KHaverhill Parkrun
6.7M (full) | 4.2M (cut off)Winter Route 1
6M (full) | 4M (cut off)Winter Route 2
5.9M (full) | 4.2M (cut off)Winter Route 3
6.4M (full) | 3.75M (cut off)Winter Route 4
6M (full) | 4M (cut off)Summer Route 1
6M (full) | 4M (cut off) Summer Route 2
6M (full) | 4M (cut off) Summer Route 3
7MSummer Route 4
3.5MSummer Route 5
6MSummer Route 6
6MBirdbrook Tavern Trot
6.5MThurlow Part 1
6.5MWest Wratting Wobble
7.3MHundon Plough Plod
10MWixoe 10 (Trev Bunch official Route)
HMChicken Run
14M Haverhill – Camps
4.5MDog and Duck Dash self guided (short)
7.3MDog and Duck Dash self guided (long)

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