Dog and Duck Dash (long)

Note: The route is not marshalled so please be responsible for your own safety by taking extra care on all road sections.

This route crosses the A1307 twice, be patient whilst waiting to cross!

BL: Bear left        GP:  Grassy path            

SP: Signpost    

BR: Bear right      L: Left     TL: Turn left

BW: Bridleway LHFE: Left hand field edge         

TR: Turn right. R: Right 

FB: Footbridge   TK:  Track                   

FC:  Field corner   

RHFE:  Right hand field edge       

TRL: Tree line       

FP: Footpath   RD: Road     X: Cross

G: Gate          SA:  Straight ahead


1: Run down the lane alongside the pub. Pass Cricket Pavilion on R and LVC on L. Go through small double wooden gates after green porta cabin and follow GP SA through horse fields. TL at end and follow concrete drive to A1307. At gap in central reservation of A1307 X straight over towards Camgrain. TAKE CARE.

2: Please be careful of heavy machinery moving in Camgrain and stick to the marked walkways. Follow the BW through Camgrain between the silos and onto TK, following up and over the first hill. Approximately 50m up the next hill (NOTE: If you reach the summit of this hill you have gone too far!)  TR at crossroads with GPs.

3: Follow RHFE up along undulating GP. Keep going SA until you reach end of GP. There will be a large field in front of you. TL into field and follow edge. Staying within this field TR at  first FC. At next FC cross FB. Bear left then right onto TK with ditch/TRL on your R. Follow grassy path then TR at junction with concrete TK. Follow it downhill.

4: SA through G at bottom. SA all the way along shaded lane. At end of lane (which will look like a dead end) SA between posts onto FP. At RD X and follow RD (High St) downhill. TR at corner shop onto Linton Road and follow to West Lodge pet hotel. Go through new silver gate between pet hotel building and carpark. Ensure to stick to the enclosed path only.

5: Cross the A1307 and through gate. Follow FP SA through the fields until you meet a small white bridge at the far end. Cross and TR. Follow fence line / FP until you reach the road in Hildersham. TR.

6: TL opposite The Pear and Olive onto Meadowlands. Follow small road towards 5 bar G at end. Join fenced FP and go through G. Follow GP through FD. BR and go through G in TRL. TL and follow FP.

7: SA and follow FP passing Dalehead Foods on R. Follow TK R then L keeping hedge on R. At end of TK at Little Linton X lane and through G onto GP between horsefields. Through G BR passing park on L. Follow FP along TRL. Through G and back to the Dog and Duck on the L.

You have reached your destination!

Approximate distance: 7.3ish miles

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