Summer Route 4

Full (7 miles)

  1. From sports centre to Duddery Hill, follow up to the Clements est, turn left at IFF
  2. then left again at Clements primary school onto the path that leads to the football fields
  3. run across the football field to the gate onto the bypass, cross bypass onto track directly opposite
  4. follow pathway up the field to the wooded area at the far end of the field
  5. follow track through the woods (about 100yds) once through woods turn left
  6. follow the edge of the field to the end, turn right
  7. continue to follow edge of field for about 100yds then turn left over wooden footbridge
  8. Follow the track down the hill, between the houses and up to the road.
  9. At the road, turn left and follow down the hill into Helions Bumpstead
  10. turn left at the junction and follow the road back to the bypass
  11. Cross bypass and head to Holland’s rd, turn right at the end of Holland’s rd
  12. back down Duddery Hill and back to the sports centre