Haverhill Running Club is open to all that have an interest in running, want to start running, or just want to get out of the house – its got nothing to do with ability.


The first step is to see if you like it! You can either wait for one of the beginners courses, or just comedown on a Tuesday or Thursday. There is always a range of ability’s so you will always be able to find a group at your level.

If you do like it and want to carry on, then head over to the membership page and sign up. Membership gives you affiliation to UK Athletics, discounts on race you enter and access to the club Facebook page were running is talked about all day long.

First claim* Adult (16yrs+) – £30.00

Second Claim** Adult (16yrs+) – £15.00

Junior membership (12+) – £15.00. The junior section for this age group is currently full. Please email the club secretary if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Junior membership 11y and under — No charge

*First claim membership is for runners who aren’t already members of another affiliated running or athletics club. Haverhill Running Club will collect and pay the £15 fee for an England Athletics competition license.

**Second claim membership is for runners who already have first claim membership with another affiliated club. The other club is responsible for organising and paying for the members competition license.

Associate Member – Free
Associate membership is for NON-ACTIVE members who wish to belong to the club but don’t train or compete. This membership is open to all ages and is FREE

How to join…

Joining is simple using our secure online portal provided by the IMG Sports Technology group. After selecting your desired membership type you will be asked to enter your contact details, date of birth etc. You will then proceed to a secure payment site where you can pay the required joining fee. And that’s it, you’ll be a member for a year from that point!

Follow this link to register or renew your membership.

If you have any questions regarding your membership please email Trevor Bunch (Club Secretary)

Email address:

Please see some experiences of HRC members…

“5 years ago my mother kicked me out the door and told me to get a job. Instead I joined a Running club. Although this wasn’t what mother had in mind. Running two lamp posts became 3 and 5k turned to 10k and of course regular casual marathons. Off came the weight on it came again back and forth. Running is life for me and even ended my second marriage. Running has become as much to my week as waking up and remembering to go to work. I had kept me mentally strong through the hard stuff and allowed me to connect with people i would never have done so.”

Simon Wallis – HRC Member 2018

“I joined in August/Sept last year after I got a place in VLM. Needed the support and guidance from other runners. What I found was a great bunch of people who are always willing to themselves out to help you achieve yours goals. Although I did not achieve the time I wanted in VLM, without the support and encouragement from HRC I would not have got to the start line. And because of the togetherness of the club I am well and truly hooked.”

Steve Osglesby – HRC Member 2018

“Nearly 12 years ago I jogged 2-3 miles now and again with my sister in law, then for a laugh I entered London marathon and got in, my training was on a treadmill 20 miles looking at the rain outside lol, my got that marathon nearly killed me. Met a friend in the pool and she mentioned the Running club come along give it ago, ( Allison Austin) was that friend and I have not looked back since, in those day there was no beginners group you ran with everyone else the quick Ines ran off and came back to chat to you, first night I met Tim Ellis, Dave Greenham and a few others. Was fantastic, look at me now.
I was on committee for a good few years, helped out where and when I could. Xx”

Shirley Fowler – HRC Member and Marathon Legend 2018

General inquiries should be directed through the Club Secretary…

Contact us…

Trevor Bunch –