2022 Club Championships – Final Standings

This weekends Hadleigh 5M and 10M were the final events in the 2022 club championships and results have been updated (there were some changes in position right to the end!) –

The overall winner is: Cheryl Trundle – Congratulations!!!!

The top 3 females:

  1. Cheryl Trundle
  2. Mary Ann Tuli
  3. Sililo Clay

The top 3 males:

  1. Mark Novels
  2. Stephen Husband
  3. Yusuf Firat

Full standings and results are on the website at – Club Championships and 2022 Results.

Congratulations to all that took part, great running!

Note – I am still a little behind updating the other results for non-championship races however I’ll get those done in the next few weeks as time allows.

Please also let me know of any PBs either here or on my other post so I can update the PB league prior to awards night –

PB League


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