PB table updated!

The PB league table has been updated. Yippee!
John Steel currently tops the table with an amazing SEVEN PBs this year.
The rules are and the table are here: https://haverhillrunningclub.com/pb-league-2023/
If your PB isn’t included please let me know (I believe there are a few from Carver Barracks 5K!).
I will keep an eye on Facebook and you can also add a Comment via the website or the email post.

One thought on “PB table updated!

  1. TT pb down to 23:20 from 23:40 something 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Carver Baracks pb down to 22:24
    All down to the carbon plate shoes – they are the future 👌🏼

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