Club Championships


Hi all. We’ve had a few more people submit race results for the Club Championships, so here’s the latest.

Just a reminder – so that it’s fair for all involved, please ensure you submit any race results so far achieved by 30 September 2023.

This will allow me to give an update at the start of October, so everyone knows where they are going into the last few weeks of the competition. We don’t want people saving up races just to submit them all at the last minute! You then all have a few weeks, before the award’s night, to try to get quicker times!

If anyone’s holding race results back because they think they might go quicker – don’t worry – any result you submit can be replaced later on if you get an improved time.

And remember, you don’t need to figure out which results might be your best 3. Simply submit your best times for all the different race distances, and we will work out what 3 results create your best score for the championships.

Any questions about how it works, head over to the dedicated page on the website.

To submit results, use the following google form: (remember, if you don’t submit yourself, it won’t count!)

Here’s the latest table; update 25 September 2023

PointsNumber of EventsNamePosNameNumber of EventsPoints
222.403Mary Ann Tuli1David Percy3233.58
211.233Sil Clay2Mark Novels3226.06
199.763Silke Sheppard3Benjamin Smith3195.46
199.173Grace Judge4Wayne Maund3181.80
167.162Cheryl Trundle5Stuart Nunn3164.36
105.652Maria Reed6Barry Osborne2164.03
90.552Amie Field7John Nevin2138.91
73.421Sophie Horler-Impey8Stephen Husband171.89
62.821Joan Nevin9Mathew Cowell170.08
53.811Clare Clark10

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