Suffolk Cross Country Championships

This Sunday coming we have lots of runners competing in the Suffolk Cross Country Championships. 

Here are the teams (in no particular order within each team!)

Senior Men:

A: Andrew Bell, Craig Sisson, Tony Bacon, Peter Miller, Steve Mason, Westley Walker

B: Mark White, Bryan Rootes (Jane Rootes), Ben Eccleston

Senior Women: 

A: Karen Martin, Vashti MacDonald-Clink, Morgane Bgg, Tracy Quarrell

B: Shirley Fowler, Maria Reed Sue Turley 

That should be right but message me with any queries please! Teams need to be announced no less than 30 mins before your race. Senior ladies are running at 13:10. I will aim to submit teams by 12:30. Senior men are running at 14:10. I will aim to have teams submitted by 13:30. Please find me and let me know you are there!!!! Then you need to collect your number from me. Please try and remember some safety pins just to make life easier in case there aren’t any at the race. 

Our junior runners are:

Charlotte Hulyer (U13 Girls)

Ben Phillips (U13 Boys)

Harry Holroyd (U13 Boys)

Jed Randall (U13 Boys)

Juliet Bigley (U15 Girls)

George Noakes (U15 Boys)

Benji Darken (U15 Boys)

Angus Duckworth-Smith (U15 Boys)

Ted Salt (U15 Boys)

Tobin Sari (U15 Boys)

Good luck everyone!!!

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