HRC Virtual Events

The virtual events held during 2020 were a huge success and very popular with everyone. Now that the world is opening up again there are more and more in person events happening. Whilst this is great news it is important to still consider the wishes of members and many have expressed a desire for something virtual to continue. However, as things continue to reopen the committee does not have the capacity to solely organise these events. Therefore we need your help!!!!

We are looking for a small number of HRC members to organise, promote and run a virtual activity maybe on a monthly basis. You will get help to do these things but we will be looking to you to lead the way! If you would like to see some virtual events continue and want to get involved then please email me at before the end of June and we will get the ball rolling. This will only work with some more people taking part in the organisation part but don’t be shy – it is really straightforward!

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