Hi everyone! Below is a link to the SENIOR teams for the virtual Ekiden relay 2021! We have tried to put people in the teams that they suggested but also cover a few of the age categories. We have just listed people in ANY ORDER in the teams so far – whatever distance is by your name can be changed. What do you need to do now?

  1. Teams get together (in person, whatsapp, messenger, whatever works for you) and decide on who is going to do which distance.
  2. Pick a team Captain
  3. Team Captains please edit who is doing which distance in the team list (you might need to download Google Sheets)
  4. Pick a team name and add it to the sheet
  5. PLEASE DO THIS BY 19:00 ON WEDNESDAY 7th JULY so that we then have time to register the teams
  6. Between 00:01 9th July and 18:00 11th July do your run!!! It can be anywhere but preferably an out and back or a loop (no you can’t run 5k downhill sorry!)
  7. Screenshot your result – preferably Strava but other method if you aren’t on Strava. Just make sure there is a time elapsed and distance
  8. Send your result to your team Captain
  9. Team Captains please email  results@ipswichekiden.co.uk  with the results all in one batch by 20:00 on Sunday 11th July. You need to send Team name, runners names, distance, result and screenshot.

There isn’t much else to say – its fairly straightforward! Seeing as the social distancing rules are more relaxed this year than last (I think) you can run in groups but please follow all current guidelines – do not break COVID restrictions for HRC 😁

One final thing – if for any reason you cannot complete your leg please please let your Captain know ASAP so we can find a replacement. If all legs are not completed then unfortunately the organisers will disqualify the team.



Good luck and enjoy your runs! Fingers crossed we can do this in person next year as it is a great event!!

If you want to know more about the event you can find the info here: https://www.ipswichekiden.co.uk/

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