Summer 5K Series – Kedington – Thursday 3rd August

Thanks to those who have volunteered to help. We can not do this without you. Here is an updated list:

Suz Carter-White Ben Smith Jan Walker Andy Gage – you are all down for the car park so you can also run. Please let me know if you decide not to run.

Roger Westrope Martin Lawrence Ian Elden – I have you down to marshal in a spot which will be helping Horace Shuriah with the road closure

Jackie Westrope Natalie Lewis Cheryl Eden Vicky Moss Graeme Johnston Sirrka Love Susan Marren Cat Wilson Becca Sims – I have you all down to marshal on the course

Louise Harris you are our last runner

Lynnette Garstang and Lewis will be doing water in the finish area with Denise Tarrant helping (unless needed elsewhere)

Bryan Rootes Grace Judge – tokens

Barry Judge is our lead cyclist

Rob Wise and Rachel Darvill are available to step in where needed

More details on the marshal positions will follow nearer/on the day

Thank you all and please let me know asap if anything changes and you are unable to help or if I have missed anyone

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