Pub runs are back! After a long break here we go!
The Dog and Duck Dash (or dawdle if you prefer!)
Day: Thursday 19th August
Time: 6:30-7:45
Location: The Dog and Duck, High Street, Linton

What is a pub run? Only the best kind of run! We will provide you with a written route and off you go! You can run in groups or alone if you prefer. Go and explore a different area of our lovely locality. There are two routes to chose from. One is 7.2 miles the other is 4.5 miles. Once you return from your run then please support the pub who have kindly allowed us to use their premises by buying a drink!

You can set off any time between 6:30 and 7:45 but please be back by 9:30pm at the absolute latest!! I will be there to sign people in and out.

Please make sure you have a mobile phone within your group and we will make a note of it in case of emergencies.

The pub is operating a WhatsApp order system. When you want to order a drink you need to use this number 07932993433 or use the QR code on the menus to order. Do not go to the bar.

The car park of the pub is closed. Please use the public/GP car park two minutes away on Cole’s Lane. Do not park on the bridge or High Street near the pub.

I think that covers everything. But please ask any questions.

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