2021 Awards Night Nominations!

It’s now time to nominate your fellow club members for the annual awards night! Who had an epic performance? Who quite literally ran the distance? Who made the biggest improvement? Please ensure you include reasons for your nominations as this really helps us to pick the winners! The old ‘members member’ is now selected from the Member of the Month winners of the year and you will be able to vote for this once we have our November Member of the Month. Once you have done that head on over and buy your tickets for the big event! This is the first fancy party for many of us after the last two years so lets make it a good one! There will be great food, great music and great company! Dust off those sequins and iron that shirt! It’s time to get fancy!

Submit your nominations here: https://forms.gle/PEjEcy37nKe75jFB9

Buy your tickets here: https://forms.gle/a9n3YMemexRFvA7t7

New members this year:

Here are some pictures of years past to get you in the party spirit!

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